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Behind the Smile: BCN Travel

Behind the Smile with Christian Petzold, BCN Travel

Hailing from Germany, I have been an avid tourism enthusiast for many years. Looking back to when my passion for traveling was developed, I think this must have been in my early childhood. My parents always used to travel with me and my siblings by caravan and tent into a neighboring European country… Eventually this lead me to study tourism management in Germany and the UK… Implementing at least some elements of this experience in a mass tourist destination like Barcelona is one of the aims of our activity.


What is it about your location that makes you and your customers smile?

It is Gaudí & Barça, it is Beach-Life & Mediterranean Cuisine, it is full of culture & passion – it just is Barcelona!  Europe’s hottest citybreak destination is our home. Looking for a trip to make you smile? Take an incredible variety of architecture and culture, add the Mediterraneans most important cruise port, add world-class sport events like Formula 1 and the local football team of FC Barcelona, add some great city beaches and top it up with the passionate local life-style – Barcelona will seduce you!

Can you tell us more about BCN Travel?

We are the local specialists for everything about Barcelona. Based in the city centre, just 100m from Placa Catalunya, we can give you two options: either book online using our great reservation system or come to our shop and we will welcome you with a smile 🙂

What is it about your tours that makes your customers smile?

We offer more than 70 different things to do in Barcelona, from simple airport transfers to full day city tours. And, of course, everything is customizable for your group, family, or corporate event.
We do not only want to make our customers smile, but also our planet, thats why we have implemented some strict sustainability policies: for example, our airport transfers do not contribute to the greenhouse effect since we offset our carbon emissions through climatecare:

Can you share an experience with your business that made you smile?

One of the coolest things we managed to set up is our alternative Steel Donkey bike tour: Off the beaten tourist track, our local guides show “their” Barcelona, behind the touristic facades. This tour fascinates tourists and locals alike, because we show the city in a way that even people who live here for years do not know. According to tripadvisor, this makes us Barcelona’s most loved bike tour:

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Take a passion for tourism, add Barcelona and you cant wait to get up when the sun rises over the Mediterranean sea!


Can you share something about yourself that others may not know?

Barcelona is in Spain, but it is much more Catalan then Spanish! And although you can find exciting flamenco shows and a great Sangria here, watch out for the typically Catalan customs like for example the impressive Castellers, human towers that reach heights of more than 10 meters! You can see them on most city festivals like Merce in September or Fiesta de Gracia in August.


If you could share one piece of advice for other tour or activity operators, what would it be?

Make sure your products are unique and focus on a great traveler experience.


See the smiles for yourself, visit

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