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Behind the Smile: Weekend Student Adventures

Behind the Smile with Andy Steves, founder of Weekend Student Adventures

I launched this tour company after graduating from the University of Notre Dame in 2010. I studied abroad in  2008 in Rome. I used my three day weekends to jet around to some of Europe’s top destinations, and before I knew it, it was up to me to organize these trips for all of my friends. That’s when I realized there was an opportunity, and I have never looked back! Blessed and cursed with a travel writer for a father, I felt right at home showing my friends around Rome, Italy and Europe, and have now helped over 4,000 happy customers maximize their time and budget while abroad!


What is it about the locations that you serve that makes you and your customers smile?

Weekend Student Adventures crafts and delivers exhilarating packages for budget travelers in Europe. We’ve been decentralized since day one, so while the company is based in Washington State, we run tours in Dublin, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome and across Italy, Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest and even the Swiss Alps! Each of these world-class destinations have unlimited ways of bringing a smile to your face, whether it’s fresh gelato in Rome or sipping a sangria on the beaches of Barcelona.

Can you tell us more about Weekend Student Adventures?

Designed after my personal experience studying abroad in Rome, it became clear there was a need for fun, efficient, culturally aware packages for student studying abroad in Europe. so since 2010, WSA has striven to provide the insider track on these otherwise touristy cities. We help students see what they’ve got to see, the cliche sights like the Eiffel Tower & Louvre in Paris or the Anne Frank House and Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam but so much more as well. Whether they’re organic farmer’s markets and a caving expedition in Budapest or diving into the alternative, trendy districts for an authentic Indian dinner in London, our WSA trips provide the best of all worlds on your first three days visits to these amazing cities.

What is it about your adventures that makes your customers smile?

Most importantly across all our trips are our excellent WSA guides. These are fun, young, passionate, professional guides who bring their hometowns to life. They help our travelers grasp the fascinating culture and history of these cities in terms that you can relate to. We’re proud of the team we’ve recruited around the WSA mission, and the reviews we’ve received on TripAdvisor only continue to affirm we’re on the right track!

Can you share an experience that you had with your customers that made you smile?

Most tour operators may agree that it’s easy to forget how special the places we run tours are on a day to day basis. But when showing our friends around in these cities, watching travelers’ eye light up with the magic of discovering new experiences, new food and helping them create unforgettable memories jolts myself and all our guides back to the first time we laid eyes on these destinations.

Can you share something about yourself that others may not know?

Andy Steves was half way through an application to pursue a master degree in yacht design at the Politecnico di Milano when his business concept one Grand Prize at Notre Dame’s annual business plan competition. Faced with a fork in the road, Andy couldn’t turn away from this incredible opportunity and he thinks he’s made the right move!


If you could share one piece of advice for other tour or activity operators, what would it be?

Work hard, get creative, and deliver excellent value and service.


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