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Behind the Smile: Do it in Tuscany by AF Travel Ideas

Behind the Smile with Angela Bucaletti, AF Travel Ideas

AF Travel Ideas is born from the  will of providing travellers with a modern and complete vacation and activities planning service, taking care of every single aspect: starting from booking the perfect accommodation to the possibility of enjoying some of the activities and experiences our Agency proposes, to the handling and resolving of any problem or issue that may arise during their stay.


What is it about your location that makes you and your customers smile?

We are based in Tuscany, specifically in a wonderful town named Cortona.  Here everything can make you smile… the panoramic views you have from the hill where Cortona lies, the charming details you notice in the alleys, such as old doors or vintage streetlights than will make you feel like the world has stopped turning, the smells that come out from the kitchens’ windows, the flavours of dishes which are prepared here, using our biological olive oil, saffron, meat, mushrooms, the taste of our typical Syrah wine…

Can you tell us more about AF Travel Ideas?

Af Travel Ideas is a team of three passionate women in love with the place they live in. Our aim is to share with our guests what our beautiful territory has to offer and give them an inside view and a unique travel experience.

What is it about AF Travel Ideas that makes your customers smile?

Our enthusiasm and the well organized experiences we offer our travellers.  We are proud of the itineraries we propose, from the wine tours in the best known Tuscan wine regions or the bike tours that take our guests in some out of the ordinary paths, the food photography labs that we organize, the vintage car tours up and down the Tuscan rolling hills… we put our heart and knowledge of the territory in every proposed tour or activity.  We offer “Experiences”  because we choose to give our guests a full immersion involvment, that will engage and satisfy all of their five senses.

Can you share an experience with your business that made you smile?

The comments of our 3 guests after a wine tour in Montepulciano: they came back to their B&B and started to tell other guests in the room how good their experience had been.  After a few minutes we received a phone call from the B&B’s owner asking for other wine tour for the following day, since everyone in the room was captured by the enthusiasm and the report of the 3 ladies!

Can you share something about yourself that others may not know?

Come here and discover it in person! 🙂


If you could share one piece of advice for other tour or activity operators, what would it be?

Do it with passion; it’s the only tool that will you stand out.


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