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Moving Your Book Now Button Can Improve Your Conversions

Are you wondering why your customers just aren’t booking on your website and you’re not sure what to do about it?  Building a website for your tour or activity business is hard enough but now you have to worry about conversion ratios, click streams, page views, exits, and all sorts of other stuff.  At the end of the day though, if your website isn’t converting your visitors into customers, then you’ve got a problem.

The first thing to look at is whether or not your offerings are obvious to visitors.  When you go to your homepage, is it obvious what you do?  Do you make it clear that you are a tour or activity operator and do you clearly describe what you do?  Another way to see if your homepage is good at directing visitors to the right information is to look at your Google Analytics.  If your homepage has a really high exit ratio (30% or more) then you should consider reworking the content to be more effective.  This is a clear indicator that visitors to your homepage are not getting the information they need or don’t know where to go next, so they are simply leaving your site.

A good way to get them down the booking path is to add direct links to your tour offerings right from your home page. If you have a fairly detailed website, this may be links to your tour detail pages.  Alternatively, you can point them to your offerings by creating a link to your tour list on Rezgo.

You might want to consider using the Rezgo content widget to embed your tour list directly on the home page or even consider adding a date search tool.  This helps to drive the customer into the path to conversion right off the home page.

In this example from the Napa Valley Wine Train, a reservation box is placed prominently on the home page.  Notice that it is in the upper left hand side of the page and it is distinctively colored.  This is a highly visible area and also helps to draw attention to the reservation box.

In this example from Helicopter New York City, you can see a bright red “Book Now” button is prominently displayed on the main image on the home page.  You’ll also notice that the right side bar is using the Rezgo content widget which displays all the available tours in a convenient compact list.  The visitor, as a result, is presented with multiple opportunities to enter the booking path.

In summary, if you are looking for some simple ways to help improve your conversions, try these useful techniques:

  1. Place the book now button on the home page with a link to your tour list.
  2. Use the Rezgo content widget on your home page or side bar.
  3. Create a reservation date search box on your home page or side bar to make it easy for customers to search for available tours.
  4. Highlight your tours directly on your home.
  5. Use terms like “Book Now” or “Make a Reservation”. These are action oriented phrases that drive visitors to the booking path.
  6. Make your “Book Now” links available throughout the visitor’s experience.  In other words have your “Book Now” button in multiple places.

If you’ve tried other techniques that you think are useful, please feel free to share your experiences.  We love to share practical and useful advice from other operators.


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6 thoughts on “Moving Your Book Now Button Can Improve Your Conversions

  1. Stephen,
    See image above of New York Helicopter Tours..
    See the right sidebar widget, thats not 980px wide, so what code are they using to place in the sidebar??

  2. As long as the template you are using is wide enough, you can include a sidebar on either the left or right. Remember, this is outside of the Rezgo area which requires 980 pixels. In the sidebar, you can include a javascript content widget to display your tour list. For details about the content widget, take a look at this knowledgebase article:

  3. how are you able to add the tours in the widget area on the Helicopter tour pages?? what code is being used for this?

  4. Does anyone have any advice about the best way to integrate Stephen’s suggestions (which are great!) onto a website where about 1/3 of the business comes from public tour bookings (which we can book online through Rezgo) and about 2/3 comes from group business, which is usually customized, so we don’t offer online bookings.

    We are really struggling with how to build our public tour business – without losing our group business.

    We understand the importance of the homepage as a first impression and overview of what we offer on our site, but keep playing around with what our homepage content should include.

    Our site is if anyone whats to check it out and offer any feedback or advice. Thanks in advance!

  5. Excellent advise!

    Is there some tips or ‘support forum’ on an easy way to create a basic “reservation date search box” integrated & compatible with rezgo’s date search?

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