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New Version of the Rezgo WordPress Plugin

Rezgo WordPress Plugin 2.0

If you were wondering where the Rezgo WordPress plugin disappeared to for the last few days, you aren’t the only one.  We were surprised to find our plugin removed from the WordPress plugin directory because it violated one of the rules of the directory.  According to this site, which we found after the plugin was removed, a plugin will be removed if the authors:

“Explicitly state or imply that users of the plugin must pay you money in order to use the plugin.”

When we reviewed our description and installation instructions, it did sound like you had to pay money to use the plugin.  So, we have re-written the description and installation instructions to make it clear that the plugin is free to install and activate.  We then submitted the plugin to the directory for approval.  We’re happy to report that the plugin is back in and can be downloaded and installed as usual.

In order to continue getting updates to the plugin, you must deactivate and remove the old plugin and install the new plugin.  That said, if you have any custom templates or changes that you have made to the source, you will need to make a back-up copy of the files before you remove the old plugin.  Once you install the new plugin, you can go ahead and move the files back.

I can fully appreciate that the difficulty that the plugin support team must have keeping up with all the WordPress plugins and hopefully we won’t have this issue again.  If you can, please go to the site and give us a good rating.  Kevin has worked really hard on putting that plugin together and it would be great to give him some 5 star love!

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One thought on “New Version of the Rezgo WordPress Plugin

  1. Update! WordPress has re-instated our original plugin. Please note that we will be looking at ways to merge the old and new plugins together to avoid confusion. Since we had no control over the removal or subsequent reinstatement of the Rezgo plugin, we didn’t want to sit on our hands and do nothing. If you are planning on using the Rezgo WordPress plugin, please make sure you use the new version available in this post.

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