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Rezgo + WordPress – Content Management & Bookings in One

Drive online revenues with a WordPress booking engine

Hot on the heels of the Rezgo Open Source PHP Parser, we are really excited to announce the official release of the Rezgo WordPress Booking Plugin.  The RezgoWordPress plugin contains all the same features as the Open Source PHP Parser but with the convenience and ease of installation of a WordPress plugin.

The Rezgo WordPress Booking Plug-in is a complete set of PHP files that, when installed on a WordPress powered website, connect to a Rezgo account via the Rezgo XML API.  The plug-in gives access to all the same functionality as the Rezgo white label with the added benefit of complete access to layout templates and ALL the source code for the front-end.  Tour and activity operators who have websites powered by WordPress can install the Rezgo Booking Plugin from within their WordPress Plug-in page.  Once installed, WordPress administrators can configure their Rezgo plugin settings from a simple settings page.  For full transaction support, Rezgo members can even secure their WordPress website if they wish to handle the complete payment transaction on their own website.

What makes the Rezgo WordPress plugin different from other competing apps is the deep integration with WordPress.  The Rezgo plugin piggy backs on the WordPress URL handler making the booking engine an integral part of the website.  Many other WordPress booking engines rely on javascript or iframes to embed the booking capabilities into a WordPress site.  Although this method is relatively easy to set-up for the business, there is no SEO benefit to this method.  By integrating the Rezgo booking engine directly with WordPress, the business benefits from having dozens of relevant content rich pages on their website without having to duplicate their efforts.  In addition, because the layout templates are available for editing, the business has the ability to customize not only the design of their booking engine but also the functionality.

The Rezgo Booking Plugin is hosted on the WordPress site and is available for download now. We encourage all Rezgo members who are using WordPress to consider installing the Rezgo Booking Plugin and, if they like the plugin, to please provide their feedback and comments on the Rezgo customer forum.

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8 thoughts on “Rezgo + WordPress – Content Management & Bookings in One

  1. I agree. Now that the plugin has been updated, we’ll create a new video that shows how to set it up.

  2. Nice job with the plugin. Quite an in depth one at that. That’s the beauty of WordPress I guess… having the ability to add and customize. Thanks for a great addition!

  3. Just a quick update to let everyone know that we’ve updated the WordPress plugin and it now has a new URL and download location. We’ll be updating the links shortly. Unfortunately previous versions cannot be updated, so make sure you back-up your template files and re-install the plugin (if you need to).

  4. Hi Ryan,

    Yes we are. We’re working to get the Rezgo Plugin back in the directory. We’ll have an alternative download link available shortly.


  5. I notice Rezgo is no longer listed on the WordPress website. Are you no longer supporting it?

  6. Thanks Adam. WordPress is so popular and easy to use, it just made sense to combine the two.

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