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CSS Over-ride for narrow sites and new Rezgo layout

Some Rezgo members have been asking if it is possible to maintain a narrow (750 px) width with the new layout or if they have to update their websites to support the new wider (850 px) width.  There is a way to maintain a narrower layout with the new front-end.  To use a narrower layout, you’ll need to over-ride the Rezgo CSS in order to adjust the width of the booking engine and the side bar.   If you plan on using the narrower layout you will not be able to use the date search functionality.

Here are some screen shots of the new layout (in its default mode) and the narrow layout (with CSS over-ride):

Rezgo booking engine with default 850 px wide layout

(Default width)

Rezgo booking engine layout with narrow design

(Narrow layout)

To over-ride the Rezgo standard CSS, you will need to use the following CSS in the “Customize the Rezgo CSS” text area on the Settings > My Site Template page in your Rezgo admin. (The CSS editor is only available in the Beta login available at

#rezgo {
background:url("/rezgo/templates/default/images/bg_wrp.png") repeat-y scroll 150% 0 #EEEEEE;
#flight {
#right_panel {
#rezgo #calendar .item {
#rezgo #right_tags .item, #rezgo #right_search .item, #rezgo #promo .promo_entered_sidebar, #rezgo #promo .promo_hidden_sidebar {
padding:5px 10px 10px;
#calendar_marker {
#rezgo #tab_box li.price_op {
#rezgo .promo_input {
#rezgo .promo_submit {
#rezgo .tour_info ol.tour_receipt li label {
#rezgo .tour_info ol.price .type {
#rezgo #short_url {
#rezgo .tour_info ol.tour_receipt li label {
#rezgo #alternate_op {
background:url("/rezgo/templates/default/images/arrow_alt_option.png") no-repeat scroll 300px 3px transparent;

As always, if you run into problems, contact us via our customer service forum, contact form, or just give us a call at +1 604 983-0083.

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Stephen is the CEO and Co-Founder of Rezgo. He has been working as a travel & tourism technology consultant since 1995. Stephen is active in fostering tourism technology and is a Past Chair of the OpenTravel Alliance. He is also a regular contributor to leading travel technology media sites such as Phocuswire and Skift, and speaks regularly at conferences around the Globe on travel technology, messaging standards, and industry trends. Find out more about Stephen on Linkedin.

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