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Using Rezgo as an Affiliate System

When we launched the Rezgo Vendor system back in November 2008 at the inaugural PhoCusWright Innovation summit we expected the system to become a distribution channel for Rezgo members looking to distribute their products through a variety of third party resellers. What we have seen instead over the last two years is a growing interest from suppliers who are using the Vendor system as a mechanism for distributing products through a network of affiliates. We now have, for example, several Rezgo supplier members who are using the vendor system to power concierges and activity desks in their particular destinations.

Although the vendor system by default is meant to push transactions through the Rezgo payment gateway, it does allow for the vendor to use their own payment gateway. This feature is critical to the use of the system as an affiliate system and the main reason why the system can be used in this way. As affiliates are generally not responsible for taking payments on behalf of the supplier, it is critical that the supplier be able to receive the payments for their bookings themselves without having to worry about the affiliate handling credit card information or cash from customers.

In the default model, a vendor or potential reseller would create a Rezgo vendor account and then search for Rezgo suppliers with whom to partner by using RezgoConnect. The vendor sends a connection request (similar to a friend request on Facebook) to the supplier along with an offer to do business. If the supplier agrees to do business with the vendor, then the supplier accepts the connection request and their products are listed in the vendors portal. When a traveler goes to the vendor’s website and books a tour or activity, the payment is accepted through the Rezgo gateway. The booking is immediately available to the supplier and also appears in the booking reports of the vendor. Since the booking is made through the Rezgo gateway, the customer has the ability to cancel the booking using the Rezgo cancellation form and they receive a credit back to their purchasing credit card immediately. When the customer arrives at the supplier’s tour or activity with their voucher, the supplier checks in the voucher using the Rezgo check-in function. As soon as the voucher is checked in, it triggers a payment event in Rezgo and the supplier is paid their net fee and the vendor is paid their net commission at the next payment cycle.

In the supplier controlled affiliate model, the supplier creates a vendor account on behalf of the affiliate and sets the payment method as their own payment gateway. The supplier then uses RezgoConnect to connect their supplier account to the vendor account they just created and feed their product to the new vendor account. In this case, since the payment is flowing directly to the supplier’s payment gateway, there is no need to worry about a delay in payment or the check-in process.

Here are some other benefits to consider when using Rezgo as an affiliate system for your tour and activity business:

  • Inventory control – All sales made through the affiliate program affect your inventory and are tracked in a single place. Never oversell again by keeping your inventory up to date and live 100% of the time.
  • Commission control – Set different commissions for different affiliates. Each affiliate can have their own commission relationship with you.
  • Product control – Choose which products are available to affiliates. You can even create special products for your best affiliates.
  • Simple and trusted interface – Give your affiliates a trusted and simple interface to booking your tours and activities. The booking interface your affiliates use is identical to the one provided on your own website. This increases the credibility of your booking interface and makes the booking process predicatable.
  • Co-branding of affiliate sites – Allow your affiliates to “skin” your booking engine with their website look and feel.
  • Co-branded vouchers – Enhance your affiliate brand while increasing trust in your own brand by giving customers co-branded vouchers.
  • Integrated reports – The Rezgo vendor system already includes reporting that shows the affiliate their sales.
  • Additional users – You can allow your affiliates to have multiple logins to their affiliate websites.
  • Fully XML Capable – Your affiliate sites have a full XML API allowing complete integration of your content into other systems or websites.
  • Widgets – Allow your affiliates to integrate your products directly into their sites, blogs, or social networks using content widgets.
  • Facebook Page – Affiliates can add a tab to their Facebook page that lists your tours and activities and drives customers into the booking process.

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Stephen is the CEO and Co-Founder of Rezgo. He has been working as a travel & tourism technology consultant since 1995. Stephen is active in fostering tourism technology and is a Past Chair of the OpenTravel Alliance. He is also a regular contributor for Tnooz, a leading travel technology media site, and speaks regularly at conferences around the Globe on travel & tourism technology, messaging standards, and industry trends.

6 thoughts on “Using Rezgo as an Affiliate System

  1. i am a whole seller., would like to like your payment page for button, pay now, or shopping chart.
    second is the receipt or detail could we add additional information, like pickup hotel?

  2. Hi Danny,

    Click on the “connect” button in the upper right hand corner of the administration. You will be prompted to agree to the Rezgo Distribution agreement. Once you accept the agreement, you will see the RezgoConnect site. Once you are in RezgoConnect, you will want to update your supplier profile and you can look for vendors to connect with. Our recommended vendors are:

    Amazing Tours – http://connect.rezgo.com/vendor_info/103
    Much Better Adventures – http://connect.rezgo.com/vendor_info/325
    Adventures Only – http://connect.rezgo.com/vendor_info/444
    Planeteye – http://connect.rezgo.com/vendor_info/34
    FlexTrip – http://connect.rezgo.com/vendor_info/118

  3. One question:

    “in the supplier controlled affiliate model, the supplier creates a vendor account on behalf of the affiliate and sets the payment method as their own payment gateway.”

    Where on Rezgo is the link to set up these vendor accounts ??

  4. I need your help on a few matters,
    I need a bit of a walk through real fast
    to make full use of this program and I want to speak about the affiliation opportunity you all have.

    I am in Las Vegas and I book full time now and I am not fully online advertising yet like I should. Please be of assistance so we can all start making some good money.
    People already book before I built this and no one has booked yet. So I need help please, Jason

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