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Create a Net Rate Activity Desk Program

Activity Desks are a great way to increase your bookings while still maintaining control of your inventory.

If you have booking agents like activity desks who make bookings but do not pay upfront, this is a great way to track those bookings and consolidate your invoicing. Here’s how to set-up your net rate activity desk program:

  1. Create an Booking Agent account for the activity desk using the Settings > Administrators.
  2. Create a promotional code for the activity desk that discounts your tours and activities to the desired net rate.  If you have different rates, then you may need to create different promotional codes.
  3. Send the Booking Agent log-in and promotional codes to the activity desk.
  4. That’s it!

Here’s how the activity desk books using your net rate activity desk program:

  1. The booking agent logs into your Rezgo administration system using the credentials you created.
  2. The booking agent uses the promotional code you create to make a booking using the offline/back-end booking interface.
  3. That’s it!

When you export your Booking Report from the reports tab, you can sort all the bookings by booking agent.  You can then use this report to invoice your activity desk booking agents accordingly.

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