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Services and Software for Tour Operators and Activity Providers

There are lot of things to do when you run a tour and activity business. We’re always on the look out for cool applications and services that can help your business improve. Below is a list of services and software for tour operators and activity providers that we think are a great compliment to your Rezgo membership. In fact, we use many of these services ourselves, so we know they are reliable and good value.


[toggle title=”Website & WordPress Hosting Provider from Media Temple” open=”yes”]


Rezgo is a great tour and activity booking engine, but it’s not a full website content management system. That’s why we recommend you consider (mt) to host your website. We use (mt) to host our main marketing website, the support website, and our blog. As hosting providers go, (mt) is excellent and you can count on their speedy and knowledgeable support crew. We highly recommend you install WordPress, our content management system of choice.


[toggle title=”Domain Name Registrations with Go Daddy” open=”no”]

Find your perfect domain name and use it to point to your Rezgo booking website.

Although you get a unique Rezgo sub-domain when you sign-up for Rezgo, it’s a good idea to have your own domain name. GoDaddy.com is a great place to start when looking for domains. They offer suggestions and alternatives if your preferred domain is not available AND, thanks to new extensions, if you can’t find your preferred domain as a .com, you may be able to find it with one of the many other extensions that are offered.


[toggle title=”Do It Yourself Website Builder from Yola” open=”no”]

Make your business website stand out with Yola

Yola is the website builder and hosting service that helps small businesses stand out on the web. Yola’s site builder award winning site builder lets you build a professional looking website without the need to install software. When combined with your Rezgo booking website, you can create an online presence and booking experience that adds credibility to your business.


[toggle title=”Custom Facebook Pages with Pagemodo” open=”no”]

pagemodo - make custom facebook pages for free

Do you have a Facebook page for your tour or activity business? Why not add some personality to your Facebook page and create a custom welcome page using pagemodo’s award winning service. You can add your own images, videos, and text using of the many professional pagemodo templates. You can even set your welcome page to display special content when a Facebook user “Likes” your business page. The pagemodo custom page works great in combination with the Rezgo Facebook app!

Sign-up for pagemodo for free!


[toggle title=”Live Online Chat Service from Snap Engage” open=”no”]

Customers are visiting your site, so wouldn’t be great to interact with them as they are browsing. SnapEngage is a fully hosted live chat software that interacts with your existing chat client, for example Google Chat or Skype. You have the ability to proactively engage with customers and chat summaries are sent to you via email for follow-up. The reasonable pricing and ease of use make this a great choice for any small business.

Sign-up for SnapEngage


[toggle title=”Website Testing & Feedback Service from StartUpLift” open=”no”]

StartUpLift Logo

It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion when you’ve just launched a new website. Let the pros at StartUpLift review your site and give you some great feedback on usability, design, and content. The price is right and the service is excellent.

Give StartUpLift a Try


[toggle title=”Manage Website Affiliates with iDevDirect” open=”no”]


iDevDirect - Home of iDevAffiliate

Rezgo has some great features for tracking referrals from concierges and third-parties, but if you’re looking for a full blown affiliate program to manage your referral partners, then we recommend iDevAffiliate. Several Rezgo members are using iDevAffiliate to track bookings referred by third parties and it is easy to integrate with your Rezgo account. The simple conversion tracking code can be added using the Rezgo Conversion Tracking feature. You have the option of either installing the iDevAffiliate system on your own web host or you can use the hosted iDevAffiliate for a monthly fee. A complete affiliate program is available for as low as $99.

Download and install your own affiliate program


[toggle title=”Online Fax Service for eFax” open=”no”]

Send and receive faxes as if they were email. Want to receive Rezgo notifications by fax? Send them to your efax email account.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your paper consumption and track your incoming faxes more efficiently, we recommend you try eFax. With eFax, you can receive and even send faxes as easily as sending emails. We sometimes have members who want to send fax notifications to third parties when bookings are made through their Rezgo account. Using eFax, you can send emails directly to fax numbers around the World. It’s as simple as sending an email to a special efax.com email account that is pre-fixed with the recipient fax number.


[toggle title=”Online Phone & Fax Services from MyFax” open=”no”]

Consolidate your phone numbers and get a professional feel without the big phone system costs.

At Rezgo, we use both MyFax for our incoming fax service and My1Voice to power our North American toll-free number. When customers call our North American toll-free number, we call forward them to our local number and answer the call as if it were any other call. It takes only minutes to set-up the service, can be fully managed online, and is very reasonably priced. If you have thought about getting a toll-free number but haven’t found a provider, I suggest you give My1Voice a try.


[toggle title=”Hosted Business Phone Services from RingCentral” open=”no”]

Cloud based phone system for small business

If you are small business, you know how important staying in touch with your customers is for your company. At Rezgo, we love to use cloud based tools, so it made sense to find a phone system that worked the way that we work. RingCentral is a great service for small business and gives you the ability to manage your communications efficiently and cost effectively. Combine the flexibility of a cloud based phone system with Rezgo and you have the ability to take customer bookings wherever & whenever you need to.


[toggle title=”Skype” open=”no”]

Use skype to increase your reach with international customers and save money at the same time.

If you don’t already have a Skype account, I highly recommend you set one up. We use Skype at Rezgo for live chat support and for directing calls from our International customers. If you want to track customers who call you after visiting your website, why not set-up a unique phone number that you advertise only on your website. Get a Skype In number and put that on your website instead of your regular phone number. When your customers call you, you’ll know they were referred directly from your website. It’s easy and very cost effective.