The reason why Rezgo is a leading online booking software is because it is specialized for particular businesses.  In order to be the best at something, we believe you have to be focused, and you have to be passionate about your specialty.  For the most part, our customers are very specialized, they do one or maybe two things really well and they are looking for a technology solution that is built the same way.

Rezgo is an ideal bookings, reservations, and customer management system for in-destination tour and activity operators.  Customers who are experiencing success with Rezgo include:

Sightseeing Tour Companies
  • Guided bus tour operators
  • Walking tour guides
  • Van tours
  • Canal & boat tours
  • Scenic Railways
  • Bicycle tours
  • Segway tours
  • Pedicab tours
  • Helicopter & Aerial tour companies

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Activity Operators
  • Segway tours
  • Biking tours
  • Hiking & Nature walks
  • Ziplines & Canopy tours
  • Food & Culinary tours
  • Cultural and art tours

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Adventure Outfitters
  • ATV tour operators
  • Jeep tours
  • River Rafting
  • Snowtube operators
  • Ski & Snowboard Lift Ticket
  • Kayaking & Canoeing tour operators
  • Multi-day, land-only packaged tours
  • Mountain Biking tours
  • Zip Line and canopy tours

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Tour & Activity Resellers
  • Museums
  • Limited admission shows
  • Open seating shows
  • Ghost tours
  • Winery & brewery tours

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  • Networking events (like breakfasts, after hours mixers, and meet-ups)
  • Gala events such as dinners & shows
  • Seminars and conferences

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Chamber of Commerce / Board of Trades
  • Member based organizations looking to over value add benefits
  • Organizations interested in generating revenue by referring local business
  • Foster local tourism by reselling operator products

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Destination Marketing Organizations or Convention & Visitor Bureaus
  • Offer local partners an exclusive quality assured sales channel
  • Aggregate and resell local operators through multiple channels
  • Offer a value add to local businesses

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Even though these operators may seem completely different from each other, there is a  common characteristic that allows Rezgo to work well for all of them.  The Rezgo online booking software is very well suited to any business that offers tours, activities, events, and excursions that are:

  • Scheduled (daily, repetitive, or fixed start date)
  • Fixed availability (seats, tickets, etc.)

If your business offers this kind of service, then Rezgo will be a great fit for you.  Call us to request a demo or just go ahead and sign-up.