Rezgo and the Heartbleed Bug

You have probably already heard about the Heartbleed bug that is causing significant issues with security around the Internet.  I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that our development team has done a complete audit of our […]

Introducing an Industry First – Customer Verification for Review Websites

Review websites are coming under increased scrutiny by both business groups and governments because of growing concerns over fake reviews. The biggest issue facing these review websites is the fact that there is no way to determine if contributors writing reviews are who […]

Queue Sad Music – The Rezgo Community on is Closed

Sniff sniff.  It is with some sadness that we let you know that the long standing Rezgo community on Getsatisfaction has closed permanently. <single tear drop flows down cheek>

What the heck is the Rezgo Webhook?

Over the years we’ve collected a lot of great suggestions for features from customers.  Customized emails for example has been a perennial hit on the Rezgo community forum, as has integration with email marketing apps like MailChimp and ConstantContact.  When we looked closely at these features though, we saw […]

Add Taxes & Fees to Your Tours

Many operators need to add taxes and fees to their tours in order to collect them from customers.  Some operators include these taxes and fees directly into the price of their tours and others prefer to itemize these costs for the customer during the booking process.  With Rezgo, you […]

Support for Asian Tour Operators with PesoPay and Rezgo

We are very excited to be able to offer support for PesoPay, a division of AsiaPay.  The integration with PesoPay allows tour and activity operators based in the Philippines to accept real time credit card payments from their customers.
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