The team behind the Rezgo booking software for tour operators is passionate about developing software that is simple to use, powerful, and efficient. The Rezgo team is an incredible group of men and women from diverse backgrounds and with a variety of skills and interests. Together, we bring passion for technology, a love of travel & tourism, and a commitment to customer care that is second to none.  We are proud to say that 100% of Rezgo was and continues to be developed by our in-house team. This dedication to quality and control over code production means we are able to enhance Rezgo and deal with issues when they arise, in a timely and efficient manner.

Stephen Joyce, CEO & Co-Founder

Stephen has been working as a travel & tourism technology consultant since 1995.  Stephen is very active in fostering tourism technology and is the Chair of the OpenTravel Alliance.  You can find out more about Stephen by reading his T4 Blog.  He is also a regular contributor for and speaks regularly at conferences around the Globe on social media, tourism technology, and messaging standards.

June Ohashi, COO & Co-founder

June has been in web development since 1999. As the founder and principal operator of Bit Creative Studio Corp. June was instrumental in the development of the first multi-language version of the Sentias Administration Framework (one of the precursors to Rezgo) and continues to play an important role in the development of the Rezgo System. Her background in graphic and print design have helped to shape the user interface of Rezgo.  June is also responsible for the day to day operations and helps to ensure the business of Rezgo is running smoothly.  It is often said in the office that when Stephen opens doors, June makes sure they are closed when he’s done.

John McDonald, Senior Developer

John is one those guys who loves to get his hands dirty.  John has been working on the Web since 1998 and has worked on projects in many capacities.  His broad understanding of web development, system design, work flow, and the capabilities of web apps is what makes him such a great all around developer.

Kevin Campbell, Chief Engineer

In a lot of ways, Kevin is the brains behind Rezgo.  As the senior developer, he has been responsible for the on-going development of the system since development started in 2005. Although we have had several junior programmers come and go over the years, Kevin has been there to ensure that the core system is in tip top shape.

Miyuki Shiomi, Quality Assurance Lead

Miyuki is responsible for developing our specifications documentation, testing, and project planning.  Miyuki is extremely detailed oriented and every feature developed for Rezgo has to go through her testing regimen.  Miyuki is partly the reason why Rezgo is in such great shape.  We are glad that Miyuki is here to make sure the rest of the team stays in line.

Kenzie, Chief Morale Officer

When there is a problem in the office and someone needs a hug, you can always count on Kenzie to give you a gentle nudge.  His specialty is looking at you with those puppy dog eyes and making all your troubles disappear in a flurry of belly rubs and ear scratches.  You’ll find Kenzie on the Rezgo Facebook Page or hanging out on Twitter.  And yes, he’s the only one in the office with an “official” title.